NeuroKids Virtual Reality Training Highlighted by MIT

Dr. Warf Avatar for neurosurgeon training
The avatar of Dr. Benjamin Warf is being developed to train surgeons anywhere in the world

Since its founding, NeuroKids has used the latest technology to conduct distance instruction with neurosurgeons around the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT.nano Immersion Lab has enabled us to pursue this drive through the use of virtual reality tools to reach more providers and thus more children in need. This partnership was recently featured in the MIT News magazine.

The story, Brain surgery training from an avatar. MIT.nano Immersion Lab works with AR/VR startup to create transcontinental medical instruction, features NeuroKids’ work with Brazilian partner Dr. Giselle Coelho, a pioneer in developing new techniques for training and learning in neurosurgery. The MIT story highlights a new avatar developed after our founder, Dr. Benjamin Warf, as he teaches the Warf method to neurosurgeons in Brazil and around the world. 

The MIT.nano article focuses on how the technology was developed by Dr. Coelho, but also highlights how difficult it can be for families with infants with hydrocephalus to receive care.

“One baby treated for hydrocephalus at a recent Amazon clinic had traveled by boat 30 hours for the surgery, according to Coelho. 

Training surgeons with the avatar, she says, ‘can change reality for this baby and can change the future.’ ”

Our partnership with Dr. Coelho in Brazil, and by extension with MIT.nano, helps further our mission of making it possible for children with hydrocephalus to live longer and better lives through comprehensive training, innovative treatments, and unwavering support.