Changing practice, Changing lives


For the first time ever, flexible endoscopy was used to treat hydrocephalus in South America. This short video explains more.

Dr. Warf mentoring a surgeon during an operation using remote presence technology

With the launch of our partnership in São Paulo, the NeuroKids team is now actively mentoring surgeons in North Africa, Southern Africa, South America, and soon, in West Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Using this technology enables us to break down barriers to traditional training models, namely time and money.

Dr. Mayanda and the team in Angola listening to Dr. Warf during an operation

Remote mentoring and the use of virtual presence technology play a significant role in NeuroKids’ ability to scale training solutions for neurosurgeons and deliver advanced treatment for thousands of children around the world.

Dr. Giselle (foreground) in São Paulo during a remote mentoring session with Dr. Warf

In 2023, NeuroKids is partnering with neurosurgeons and hospitals in Nigeria, Jordan, Kenya and Indonesia to introduce the Warf method (ETV/CPC) to treat hydrocephalus. Join us to learn more on how we can change the lives of children around the world.

One of the first children in South America treated with ETV/CPC