Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Giselle Coelho

Neuro Kids has been invited to partner with Dr. Giselle Coelho, a pediatric neurosurgeon, to develop a training and treatment center for children with hydrocephalus in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This gives us the incredible opportunity to introduce Dr. Warf’s ETV/CPC procedure to Brazil and the rest of South America. Conservative estimates suggest there are more than 50,000 new cases of hydrocephalus every year in Central and South America. Sao Paulo is a strategic location to create a center for training other neurosurgeons in the region.

Dr. Coelho is a pioneer in developing new techniques for teaching and learning in neurosurgery. In 2014 she developed the first infant simulator for training neurosurgeons in the treatment of hydrocephalus and other conditions. She is passionate about the improving the lives of her young patients and their families, and is excited to help advance the mission of Neuro Kids. Planning and preparations are underway for Dr. Michael Dewan and Dr. Warf to train Dr. Coelho in October.

Thanks to our friends at Karl Storz Endoscopy and Ohana One for their critical investments in the surgical and education equipment to create this novel center that will impact not only the lives of children and families in Sao Paulo, but in the greater region and across the South American continent for years to come.